Hundreds sign to save Kingswood

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CAMPAIGNERS battling to save closure-threatened Kingswood Park in March have handed over a petition with almost 1,500 signatures.

Relatives launched the campaign after it was announced on April 1 that the home could be facing closure later this year.

The closure is being blamed by home operators Methodist Homes for the Aged on the county council’s decision not to renew its block booking for beds and that the building is out dated. The building and its site is owned by the Sanctuary Group.

Fenland Citizen, the only local paper to have supported the campaign from the beginning, ran a coupon over two weeks asking people to add their voice to the fight.

Nearly 200 coupons were returned in that time, many containing two or three names.

Leading campaigners Jo Marsters, whose 92-year-old mum Lucy Williamson and Bill Green, whose wife Connie (84) are both residents at the home, handed over the petition and coupons to John Clark, ward county councillor, on Wednesday at the Citizen office.

The bundle also included copies of articles that have appeared in the paper and a letter appealing to the county council to re-think its decision on the block booking and to put pressure on MHA and Sanctuary Group to change their minds and keep Kingswood Park open.

Copies of everything have been forwarded to MHA Chief Executive Roger Davies, and Sanctuary Group Chief Executive asking them not to ratify the closure.

A decision is due to be made at a meeting at Kingswood Park on Friday.

Mr Clark agreed the home’s loss would be a major blow for the town and added that MHA had told county council officers of its plans to consult on closure when negotiations over the block booking began.

Campaigners are convinced the closure is a foregone conclusion and that the site will be redeveloped for housing.

However, a spokesman for Sanctuary Group said as a charitable organisation they would be looking at what would be the best use of the site for the community.