I’m Steve Count not Court - says councillor

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In a letter to the Citizen March councillor Steve Count said he is fed-up with people commiserating him on the recent by-election to fill the vacant North Ward seat on the Town Council.

He has written; “Having worked forever and a day to get the budget right for County Council on Tuesday, it has now been passed so I took a day off to have lunch in March with my wife. Twice today (Thursday) and twice in the days before have been commiserated over the election results. Please let your readers know Stephen Court, who stood for the Liberal Democrats, is a different person to me. He lost to Malcolm George Conservative and I took no part in this election. I (Steve Count) am a Conservative Councillor at both Cambridgeshire County Council where I continue to have a position on the Cabinet and also March Town Council. Thank you for you help in putting this straight.