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A MOTHER and daughter shared one of the best days of their lives when they tied the knot in back-to-back ceremonies.

Katrina (Tilly) Loveday, of Chatteris, married her fiance of 23 years, Paul Russell, at Audmoor House, in March, on September 16.

They were swiftly followed by Tilly’s daughter Amy Loveday, who married partner Matthew Bradford after a five-year engagement.

In scenes reminiscent of a Carry-On film, Amy had barely 20 minutes to get from her mum’s wedding to her house in Station Road, March, where she changed into her wedding dress then hurried back to Audmoor House.

She ended up being five minutes late for her wedding after struggling to find a parking space and even forgot to pick up her wedding bouquet.

“I was considering double-parking because there just wasn’t anywhere to park,” Amy recalled.

The wedding was organised on the spur-of-the-moment in just six weeks after the couples decided to finally get married.

The trigger was a family holiday to Spain that had been booked about nine months previously.

Amy said: “We were already going away and my mum said she was going to get married beforehand, so it would be their honeymoon. I spoke to Matt and said about doing it too. He agreed and told me to book it.”

The weddings went off without a hitch but they did not get to enjoy a reception as they had to be at the airport for 3am in order to catch their flight to Spain.

Also missing was Tilly’s mum, Christine Pryke. She was already in Spain having booked to stay for a week either side of the couples’ holiday.

“I think she was disappointed not to be there, but we took loads of pictures,” Amy said.

The families, including Amy and Matthew’s one-year-old daughter Rebecca, then enjoyed a week in the sun at a Spanish villa.