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If it’s that bad don’t stay

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Be positive about Wisbech? (Readers’ Views, March 9).

I’d just like to say thank you and well done to Susan in today’s column in the Fenland Citizen.

Appreciating what you have over what you haven’t is something almost everyone does.

But, in reality, if people find it that intolerable there should be no excuse to stay somewhere you dislike that much.

I have spoken to quite a few people recently that have either moved to or visited the area.

They have all echoed the same thing: “Don’t knock what you’ve got until you see what else is out there.”

That’s food for thought maybe?

Ian Cooper,

via email,

details supplied.

st peter’s church

We will miss Fr Paul

It is with very mixed emotions that St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Wisbech, announces that Fr Paul West SSC has taken up a post in Newcastle, Australia.

This is a post that is absolutely right for Fr Paul and it also means that he and his family are able to move back to Australia to support Paul’s mother, who was widowed last year.

For the congregation, the parish, children and staff, at Elm Road Primary and Ramnoth Road Junior schools, the Eastern European community, the Town Council and many, many more people of the town, whose lives have been touched in any way by Fr Paul, this is going to be a sad occasion. We are sure that everyone who knows Fr Paul will join us, at the church, in wishing him a joyous and happy future.

April 24 is the last time that Fr Paul will take the 10am Mass, so if you would like to come along you will be most welcome.

Lesley Mardle,

Angie Manning,

Church Wardens.

eu referendum

In a muddle over vote

I am in a bit of a muddle, actually, myself over the EU.

What I want to see is for Britain to adopt Associate Membership. This is being suggested by a number of very influential people within the EU, not least Guy Verhofstadt and, in this country, Andrew Duff.

The challenge is this: what does Associate Membership actually mean? Obviously we will have to negotiate the terms.

The problem is, though, starting negotiations from nothing. It took Switzerland some 16 years to come to an agreement.

So if we take an off the peg solution everyone – whoever they are – will know what we were talking about: the EEA is the Common Market which everyone wants. EFTA is the European free trade area which Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are in.

If we identified with both EEA and EFTA, we would be set up for long-term negotiations and everything would carry on as usual. The EU would understand us fractious Brits, too.

I realise that Europe (the Continent) is not going to go away and that it is rapidly changing into one big Eurozone. Nevertheless we will still have to live alongside it.

That means long-term negotiations. European negotiators realise that Norway and Iceland are permanent geographical fixtures and, in fact, both countries are regularly consulted both by world bodies – standards and tariffs – as well as European ones.

Someone please tell me – LEAVE or REMAIN – which do I vote for?

Mike Stallard,

via email.

missing dog

Thanks for your help

Our dog did a vanishing act and was missing for several hours. Through the Citizen can we say a big ‘thank you’ to the taxi driver who found her standing in the middle of the road and took her to Best Friends vets for safekeeping.

Thank you also to our lovely postie and his wife for their help and also to Best Friends vets. She’s safe and well, back home.

Pat and Glenn Grassick,


town centre parking


I’m amazed at the number of drivers who cause headaches by flouting parking rules in and around March town centre, particularly on Saturdays. They’re often just yards from legitimate spaces! Why?

Citizen reader,

details supplied

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