Insurance issues after flood threat

Latest Property News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Latest Property News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
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Wisbech residents have been warned they could face problems with house insurance after the recent flooding near-miss.

One man, who didn’t want to be named, from Tinker’s Drove said he was refused even a quote from four companies when he tried to renew his insurance policy only a couple of days after the town was threatened with flooding as a result of a massive tidal surge.

“I was literally ringing round trying to get a quote on the Monday and Tuesday and I was being refused even quotes from these companies.

“You are asked if your home has been flooded within the last 10 years, and mine hasn’t.

“The flood defence wall held when the tidal surge came and there was no flooding, so why are they refusing to quote. It could be a real problem for people,” he said.

He has lived in his home since 1976 and remembers the floods of 1978, which saw large swathes of Wisbech underwater.

“My home was the last one in Tinker’s Drove to be flooded during those floods, and then it was only the garden that was affected. So the house has never been flooded, but four insurance companies wouldn’t even give me a quote.

“Fortunately I did manage to get it sorted out in the end, but it could be a real issue for people when they come to renew their policies,” he added.