Is this pleasure now being taken away?

WE moved to March from Cambridge seven years ago and one of the reasons was the continuing lack of places where we could allow our dogs to run and get exercise (they need to be healthy just like us).

We found a house in Norwood Road that was opposite a large playing field only to find out after we’d agreed the purchase that, this area was going to be built on and called Southwell Close.

Not to worry though as this still left this area where the dogs could run. Not for long, as this has now been reduced right down and fenced off due to complaints about vandalism.

Ok, so that left us with the area off Robingoodfellows Lane - no real problem as there is plenty of room for my chocolate Labrador to run and fetch her ball with her mate, a small Jack Russell. Neither pester nor trouble any person or other dog and we always clear their mess up after them.

So now you propose to take even this away! Where am I supposed to go within walking distance so that they can both be exercised?

Do I now have to get in my car and take them somewhere else (increased emissions - not environmentally friendly and costs fuel) - if so where?

We really enjoy seeing our dogs run and chase tennis balls and I’m afraid that this small pleasure is now to be taken away.

Surely, an even bigger issue is the use of the shelter near the playing area?

This is often used by people to sleep in and we often have to collect beer cans and bottles and put them into the bin.

I am fed up the few making the lives of the many a misery and even more difficult than it currently is.

Do I have to move somewhere else again?