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Wisbech pensioner furious at state of town centre paving

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I had a nasty fall last Tuesday outside the Fishing Tackle Shop in Wisbech’s Horse Fair.

I banged my head, cutting it badly and there was blood everywhere.

As I was trying to get up, the man and lady owners of the shop came out after hearing the bang on the pavement and tried to help me and tried to stop the bleeding by pressing a towel on the cut.

The Horse Fair in Wisbech.
The Horse Fair in Wisbech.

They knew what had happened I had tripped on uneven slabs, which have been reported as many as 10 times, with nothing being done about them.

I myself reported a loose slab a couple of years ago and it is still loose today.

With all the houses in Wisbech, and the amount of council tax we are charged, you would think the roads and pavements would be kept safe.

It is going to take someone getting killed before something is done.

The lady who helped me had to phone an ambulance and I was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn where I spent nine hours being treated.

I would like to thank the couple from The Tackle Shop who helped me, and also the two nurses who came to my aid and all at the hospital.

In all my 80 years I have never seen such bad roads and pavements in such a mess.

This country is in a mess, being run by a bunch of clowns called politicians and councillors, who were voted in to look after us.

As for our leader Bozo the Clown, he beats them all.

He should be in the Guinness Book of Records for being the biggest collector of safety equipment, hard hats, yellow and white coats and overalls.

And what did he do during the fuel crisis?

He swanned off on his holidays.

Bryan Maddox


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