Jail date for deputy Police and Crime Commissioner

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The deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Brian Ashton will be locked up in the name of charity.

A spoof warrant has been issued for the arrest of Mr Ashton. He is suspected of scrutinising financial documents without mercy, but claims that his fondness for finances and figures will help raise money for Ormiston Children & Families Trust.

He will take part in the Trust’s sponsored “Jail & Bail‟“ event which will take place on March 26, when he will be arrested by special constables and taken to an undisclosed location until sufficient funds have been raised for the Trust to secure his bail.

Mr Ashton said: “I was appointed by the Commissioner to support his work, with a particular focus on finance. I am astonished to now find myself in hot water because I’ve taken that job seriously.

“While I’m the first to admit that I am a very careful man, I‘ve acquired this reputation of excessive rigour purely on the basis of my involvement in the 2013-14 police budget.

“I hope that people will be able to see that I was just doing my job and that it is down to them to prevent a huge miscarriage of justice.”

Commissioner Sir Graham Bright has vowed to make a donation to secure his release. He has urged others to do the same.

You can donate money to either secure Mr Ashton’s release or even keep him in jail longer at www.justgiving.com/Brian-Ashton-Jail

Ormiston Children & Families Trust is a leading charity for children and young people in the East of England. They provide services to support children and young people from disadvantaged communities who face the very real dangers of social exclusion. It also runs two children’s centres at March and Chatteris.