Justice for Jamie campaign heads to London

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The family of Jamie Butcher will be travelling to London on Monday for a keenly awaited meeting with Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling.

Tina Butcher and Steve Green will go to meet the Justice Secretary with MP Steve Barclay, who has backed their campaign ‘Justice for Jamie’ since the beginning.

The family are lobbying the government for harsher sentences for dangerous drivers after the man that killed Jamie was sentenced to just 43 months in prison.

Steve said: “This is a very important meeting for us. We remain very optimistic that it goes well.”

He added they have high hopes as Mr Grayling has a reputation for being tough on crime.

Support for the e-petition launched by Mr Barclay has slowed down since the initial flurry of signatures, spurred on by a series of television interviews by Steve, Tina and Jamie’s sister Hollie.

More than 3,000 people have signed the petition at www.stopdangerousdrivers.com and reading down the comments left by people, it is clear the issue affects hundreds of people across the country.

Steve said: “We have been talking to other families who have been affected by dangerous drivers. One woman I was speaking to just a couple of days ago, her mother was killed 26 years ago. She is still suffering and misses her mother dreadfully. It’s the sort of pain that doesn’t go away.”

• To sign the petition and back Tina and Steve’s campaign to get justice for Jamie, visit www.stopdangerousdrivers.com