Keep dogs under control plea

Flynn - the bearded collie-cross who suffered horrific injuries in a dog attack
Flynn - the bearded collie-cross who suffered horrific injuries in a dog attack

A WIMBLINGTON family have issued a heartfelt plea after their dog was savagely attacked while out on a walk.

The incident happened just before Christmas when Peter Heaney was walking his bearded collie-cross Flynn in Blue Lane.

A Staffie-type dog running lose ran over to Flynn knocking him into a ditch before jumping on top of him and brutally biting him.

Peter’s distressed daughter Lisa Heaney explained the attack was so ferocious one of the bites went so deep it chipped Flynn’s skull.

She said her father who is in his 70s managed to climb into the ditch and pull the attacking dog off his pet, but by then Flynn had suffered not only severe injuries to his ear, head and throat but was also badly traumatised.

“Fortunately dad is quite fit and agile and was quick thinking enough to go to Flynn’s rescue. Flynn is a well trained dog and follows commands to sit and wait, which is what dad had told him to do when he saw the Staffie running off the lead.

“The two men who were walking him didn’t appear to take much notice of what was happening and didn’t even come over and ask how Flynn was,” said Lisa.

She said Flynn has already had to undergo one operation and could face another one if the injury to his head doesn’t heal.

“It is not about the vet bill. It would mean more to us if the owners of the dog recognised their dog has a problem with other dogs and keep it on a lead when they take it for a walk. We would hate for another dog to go through what Flynn has suffered.

“If your dog is anti-social with other dogs then it is sensible to keep it under control, it is not difficult to keep it on the lead and we would appeal to people to do that,” added Lisa.