Knotweed could grow into a major bill for Fenland Council warns Wisbech councillor Virginia Bucknor

Dossier on Japanese knotweed was presented to Fenland District Council by Councillor Virginia Bucknor.

Fenland District Council could face a bill for millions of pounds unless it acts to control a problem plant that is currently taking hold across the area.

Councillor Virgina Bucknor gave the dire warning as she presented a dossier compile by Wisbech couple Alan and Brenda Lay on the increasing problem of Japanese knotweed.

Coun Buckno said that in Swansea the weed, which is so strong it can grow through concrete and tarmac, has cost the borough council £95.9million to deal with.

“Unless this council does something then we could be facing a similar bill. This is a very serious problem, it is growing all around a new build in Wisbech. I would like to see the presence of Japanese knotweed taken into consideration as part of planning.”

Councillor John Clark, council leader, who admitted to having some of the weed in his own garden, accepted the dossier but warned the council did not have the money to tackle the problem on private land and added “I am not aware of it being a planning condition”.

However, he agreed to take the report forward and would make a further response at a later date.

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