Leaked papers in clerk case

The fate of suspended Wisbech Town Council Clerk Erbie Murat remains in limbo as a working group set up to investigate the matter get set to make a recommendation to the full council.

Just what the recommendation will be remains a closely guarded secret, although there is speculation it could see Mr Murat, who has been suspended since early January, being dismissed.

A decision Mr Murat is expected to challenge at a tribunal if that is the outcome.

Meanwhile a bundle of 21 pages outlining the background to the case has been leaked to this paper anonymously.

The pages, printed on bright yellow paper, outlines Mr Murat’s rebuttal of charges against him.

In it he claims to be the victim of a ‘witch hunt’ aimed at silencing him over what he calles “my very real concerns.”

This is the first time the papers have been made public and they show the issue arises from sick pay and related insurance payments made to Beadle Alister Hopkins.

Mr Murat claims: “I believe they suspended me because I persisted in recovering sickness pay from a member of staff, entirely in accordance with my responsibilities.”

Since his suspension Mr Murat has tried to bring a claim against both Councillors David Oliver and Jonathan Farmer, who he has accused of “bullying and intimidation”, through the conduct committee of Fenland Council but this was rejected. The committee decided it could not intervene whilst there was potentially legal action involved.