Less road deaths

The number of people killed and seriously injured on Cambridgeshire’s roads has continued its downward trend, new figures show.

The County Council compiles accident statistics and the latest show between December 1, 2011 and November 30, 2012, 28 people died and 262 people were seriously injured, a total of 290.

This compares with 26 killed and 311 seriously injured in 2011. A total of 337 killed and seriously injured.

Agencies which make up the Cambridgeshire Road Safety Partnership have been working together on a variety of measures including enforcement, education, driver training as well as physical road safety engineering.

County Council Cabinet Member for Community Infrastructure, Councillor Tony Orgee, said: “All deaths and injuries on Cambridgeshire’s roads are a tragedy and the County Council and other agencies across the county are committed to doing everything they can to improve road safety to keep the number of fatal and serious injury accidents falling in future years.

“This reduction is very welcome and all agencies across Cambridgeshire will do everything they can to continue the downward trend. At the same time I would ask all road users to do their bit, to treat each other with respect and drive, ride or walk with care on Cambridgeshire’s roads.”