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LETTER: 'The state of Wisbech roads is appalling'

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The Wisbech road users are still having to endure the endless potholes all over the town.

To name but just a few – outside Jolly Fryer, outside Asda, outside the retail park on Cromwell Road adjacent to Formula One and Costa Coffee entrance, from the traffic lights at Weasenham Lane etc.

I myself have reported these on numerous occasions to Cambridgeshire Highways, and have been doing so since February.

A reader has written to complain about potholes in Wisbech and the surrounding area.
A reader has written to complain about potholes in Wisbech and the surrounding area.

Yellow paint markings appear eventually, and then a shoddy job of filling the pothole may be executed weeks later, only for them to reappear within a couple of weeks.

I have also reported the Murrow to A47 road, Black Drove to A47, both of which are an absolute nightmare to drive on, completely full of potholes and cambers. It is akin to a riding on a rollercoaster.

Election campaign papers are dropping through my door, placards on the roadside stating: "Vote Conservative, we are getting things done." Obviously not the road repairs!

So please, can we have some improvements on Wisbech roads as a matter of urgency.

I am absolutely tired of driving around Wisbech, swerving to miss potholes and sustaining damage to my car.

If you are unlucky enough to sustain damage to your car from a pothole (which I did last year) you will be extremely lucky to be able to get any compensation from Cambridgeshire Council.

Apparently they have 28 days from first report to repair. What a joke. I have been reporting all the above since the beginning of February this year and yet we still have to put up with the appalling state of the roads in and around Wisbech.

Faith Cook

via email

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