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Your views on Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Wisbech road death, gender identity and politics

Here are the letters from the latest edition of the Fenland Citizen...

Our hospital needs to be replaced before 2030

It was nice to see that our local MP Steve Barclay acknowledged that the existing hospital building is no longer fit for purpose and has been for many years.

Whilst I commended his commitment to having the hospital replaced in full by 2030, surely given the fact that the hospital has been in a state of disrepair, which has been know about now for many years, it should be included in the Government’s 40 new hospital build within this parliament.

As our local MP, this will surely be seen as levelling up in Fenland and for his constituents.

M Smith


Tragic but sentence still not enough

The tragic story on page 2 of last week’s Fenland Citizen once again, highlights that you should NEVER operate any vehicle, whether motorised, pedal-powered, or machinery whilst under the effects of alcohol, because you are very likely to injure or kill yourself, or some innocent other life, or lives.

The young man who accidentally hit and killed his own brother, by his own admission, had had a few beers, and claimed he was the most sober of the trio who had been out enjoying a drink, but after he went out to find his brother in a van, he struck him. Tragically the brother died.

The driver was lucky he didn’t hit a family in another car, but he will still have to live with the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life.

An horrific burden to carry, I know, and I do not want to cause any offence, but a two-year prison sentence, suspended for 21 months is absolutely no deterrent to others.

Drink driving should always lead to an immediate custodial sentence, but in this case, the driver will still suffer a life-sentence due to grief, guilt, and the “what-if I hadn’t” inside his head for as long as he lives.

Ashley Smith


Rishi is already a done deal

Rishi Sunak signed off on quantitative easing despite statisticians telling him not to print money post pandemic. Therefore, we have deliberately instigated this financial crisis. Despite the Bank of England wrongly demanding quantitative easing, Rishi had the overall right to refuse it happening. The index and other related revenues are still pouring in a revenue along with 42% fuel tax.

Despite this Muppet Show gesture of a leadership election to make us think democracy works, the vote is not open to the public.

It’s my opinion that Rishi has already been selected by the Tory Party as the next prime minister to put right his own mistakes. It’s already a done deal.

Mark Burton


We are following US with this gobbledygook

I wrote recently to the Citizen about the gender identity belief system being promoted by activist teachers and some Ofsted Inspectors in schools.

I didn’t want to just be an armchair warrior so I decided to write as well to Ofsted with MP Stephen Barclay copied in.

The reply from Ofsted was: “Please confirm where you obtained this information from”.

I replied with a link to the information. That was batted away with the response that it is not their remit. Stephen Barclay’s admin replied to me almost immediately with an anodyne 250 word pre-prepared reply.

I replied: ‘If nothing else a group should be set up with a very wide brief to investigate the sexual and moral perversion that I think is being allowed to be taught, if not promoted, in schools.

“Anyway, there is nothing little people like me can do but my conscience is clear on this issue, unlike those of the police and councillors, and social workers in Rochdale, Telford etc, who allowed evil to flourish.

“I am not turning a blind eye to this similar evil and I hope that you will not either.” No further reply came.

MP Miriam Cates spoke in a televised debate and said “new sex education guidelines are opening doors to age inappropriate and extreme content being taught in schools.”

Here is a flavour of what is being taught (by the way these guidelines are what Stephen Barclay suggests in his reply to me are safeguarding children).

One lesson states that “rough sex is quite common, (and) most of the time it is probably consensual.”

And elsewhere children are being told that love (and by implication sex) has no age – what does this mean for the age of consent? Some of what she wanted to repeat from lessons could not be said as the debate was being televised. OK for small kids to hear it but not an adult audience.

We are following the same appalling path that schools are following in the US. Christopher F Rufo reported: “Los Angeles Unified School District adopts radical trans-affirming programming and works toward “the breakdown of the gender binary…. it actively celebrates sexual identities such as pansexual, sexually fluid, queer, same-gender-loving, and asexual, and gender identities such as transgender, genderqueer, agender, bigender, gender nonconforming, gender expansive, gender fluid, and two-spirit, and that the idea underpinning all this is White, cisgender, heterosexual men have built a repressive social structure, divided the world into the false binary of man and woman.”

All unscientific gobbledygook but this and more is being pushed at your children.

David Silver


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