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Letters to the Fenland Citizen editor – January 27, 2021

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Store’s stance on COVID is morally disgusting

I feel that I must write this letter to you in view of the disgusting one shopper rule that Tesco have brought upon themselves to “enforce” recently.

Upon a weekly shop to Tesco in Wisbech with my elderly mother (a Clubcard Plus member at Tesco since they opened their first store in Wisbech), we were both told by a rude, aggressive and intimidating woman, wearing a Tesco badge, at the main entrance that only one of us would be able to enter the store to do the shopping.

This person told us we could not enter the store together under their “new policy”, as has otherwise been the case for us to do for many years now, without issues.

This staff person should be morally and thoroughly ashamed of herself as the fact is that my mother (whom is in constant pain all of the time and is barely able to stand for short periods nowadays) is unable to lift heavy items into the trolley nor is she able to reach items off the higher shelves, and has to rely on me for this entirely.

With elderly people shopping, Tesco really must alter the rules slightly to accommodate not only carers, but to helpers in general who live in the same household with two or more family members in need of a big weekly shop; especially more so as I myself live in the same household as my mother.

We both explained this to the aggressive staff member, but she only wanted to hear and was not in the slightest bothered about my mother’s condition of constant pain and inability to lift certain shopping items into the trolley.

I have to help my mother to do the weekly shop and have done so for many years now, not that this matters at all to a large company with only pound signs in its eyes and a need to make endless profits.

Tesco caring only about their staff and profits above customers – especially elderly or disabled who are in need of assistance, is morally disgusting in my view.

By the way, we did a shop at ASDA recently and they could not more be helpful and accommodating to us both.
Andy Dodds


Wisbech can keep its takeaway

With reference to the letter ‘The people of March want McDonald’s’ by A Munsey, this raises a few issues.
First, March people, we are quite happy for you to have Wisbech’s .

Living in Elm, and out for my daily exercise, whether it be cycling or walking, I am horrified at the amount of fast food containers that have been chucked out
of cars.

The B1101 from Friday Bridge to Coldham and towards March is an utter disgrace , as are Wales Bank, and Begdale (as a side note, Elm would be a lot worse if it were not for the litter pickers, who perform a sterling job).
Second, is a drive from March to Wisbech for fast food a necessary journey during this period of COVID lockdown?
Third, most fast food is high in saturated fat and salt and drinks high in refined sugar. Not my diet of choice.

For March’s sake, I hope this application is refused.
Veronica Trubshaw

Relief road should join Thorney bypass

When I started the Wisbech Northern Relief Road campaign back in 1994/95, it was not to bring the M11 to the Guyhirn roundabout – this is no good for the A47.

I began this campaign all those years ago, before the Thorney bypass had even been agreed.
At that time I understood that the Thorney bypass took priority.

Bearing in mind that has been completed, the most sensible way to proceed would be to upgrade the northern relief road to join up with the Thorney by pass .

This would mean there would by a dual carriageway between Thorney and King’s Lynn that would pass north of Parson Drove, Gorefield and Fitton End to the original proposed intersection on the A1101.

The original proposal was that the Wisbech Northern Relief Road should start from a point on the A47 adjacent to the Little Chef/old Lynn Road, with the route crossing Walton Road, then crossing the River Nene via a lift bridge and eventually joining the A1101 Sutton Road.

As to figures and costs for this work, in the early stages of this campaign for stage one, a costing for the bridge and two miles of road, including Crab Marsh , amounted to £10million.

If there had been a lot of underpinning carried out then there would have been change out of that amount. This is no good for the A47.

Mick Howard

via email

This problem is becoming an epidemic

As we all suffer because of the pandemic we are all tempted to go walkies for our daily exercise, including responsible dog walkers, but not all are.

On our various walks around our home, we constantly notice that dog litter is now increasing at an alarming rate, so it is “head down all the way” on the pavement to dodge the mess.

Despite the law that you must pick this up, this is not always the case, and sometimes you can miss the disgusting mess and trail it home, due to the idleness of so-called responsible dog owners.

I am unsure if we have dog wardens but the council can issue fines for this.

This is now becoming an epidemic and these extending lock/stop leads give animals more space to go over gardens and other places, and the owner does not always see this.

Do we really want to live in this kind of environment?

C White


There is rarely such a thing as a single parent

Can I say well done to Ashley Smith for saying what a lot of people also think (about food packages for children and footballer Marcus Rashford’s campaign) when asked but are put off saying by convention or politeness.
May I add one thought: a lot of single parents are in fact not single parent as it takes two to parent.

Only anyone unfortunate to have had a partner pass away are truly single so both parents should be contributing to the cost of their children.
Bill Needham

USA needs a new party

Sue Claydon (Readers’ View, January 13) asks why is it that so many Americans have been brainwashed by former President Donald Trump.
In my opinion, there are two big reasons for this brainwashing.
The first, is that Donald Trump came to power as part of a right-wing populist uprising against the failures of Democrat President Obama.
In the 2016 Presidential election Hillary Clinton represented the speculators of Wall Street, who had brought the world financial system to its knees in 2008.
Similarly, Obama did nothing to create jobs in the so-called “rust-belt” of Michigan and Ohio and West Virginia.
At the same time, he deported more migrant workers from America than under George W Bush.
Secondly, US capitalism is in long-term decline.
As the late Gore Vidal famously wrote: “The US ruling class has one party with two right-wings – the Republicans and the Democrats.”
What is needed to draw working people away from right-wing populists such as Donald Trump, is a new mass socialist workers’ party.
John Smithee

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