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Letters to the Fenland Citizen editor: February 24, 2021

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Unifying the world is not a new idea

In reply to Mr SJ Rogers’ letter (about democracy, on February 10).

The situation is actually a global thing, not just the UK and the USA.

Unifying the world into one single world order is not a new idea, and indeed, religion has been the controversy and cause of wars on many occasions.

Democracy should be a peaceful coming together, and creation of one master plan and belief across the world with one world government manifestation. One universal religion and united church that unites all diversity together into one single, pure religion, as a manifestation of their own pure doctrine.

Even the United Nations relate to the master world plan in the last line of their prayer: “Let light, love and power restore the plan on Earth.”

The world is full of beliefs, occults, religions and societies and some date back to Knights Templars and their associated society of today.

If you look through the Book of Revelations it’s all explained there: “The emergence of one single world Government...all inhabitants of the earth will worship that beast... Empires have risen and fallen, countries have been formed and disappeared.”

World politics, religions and beliefs respect the elite’s ideals and not the freedom of the majority.

The new world order’s influence is based in our economy, government and religion where the capitalist democratic freedom of speech is replaced with a dictatorship.

Even Shakespeare wrote: “All the world is a stage, all men and women merely players.”

If you’re looking for a biblical intervention to restore a self-thinking true democracy, try (Daniel 2:35) the Old Testament.

As for the obsession for personal wealth and gain of this new Luciferic world order, salvation is found at Mark (10:25/Matthew 19:24).

Mrs Johnson


This goose was photographed by the River Nene in West End March byTony Wayman, 18 Waveney Drive, March.The Photo shows close up of the bird's beautiful blue eye and orange beak. (44485725)
This goose was photographed by the River Nene in West End March byTony Wayman, 18 Waveney Drive, March.The Photo shows close up of the bird's beautiful blue eye and orange beak. (44485725)

Time to play the EU at its own game

Now that the EU is obviously trying to punish the UK for having the temerity to leave we should, without breaking the Brexit deal, manipulate it to our advantage.

Evidence for my assertion is easy to find.What follows is not an exhaustive list – I expect readers can add other examples.

Trucks full of British goods delayed at borders, confiscated sandwiches, shellfish delayed so that the product is unsellable. Trucks going back empty; stores who sell goods to UK ex-pats have nothing on their shelves to sell and supermarkets in Northern Ireland are short of goods because of tactics at the new border between the UK and NI.

A senior EU official is refusing to extend the transition on checks at the NI border because he says the UK has been lax in implementing the rules but if the checks were any tighter than I doubt anything will cross.

The EU knows that tensions have already risen in NI and if there is any violence it will be on their heads.

We have no border between the Republic and NI for that very reason.

Apparently the UK has not put anywhere near the obstacles on trade coming from the EU.

I’m sorry but it is about time we retaliated like for like. The only thing that stops a bully is a smack in the gob and the EU is a bully.

I have been pleased to see more and more polytunnels going up locally which says to me that a lot of seasonal produce is going to be grown here.

With vertical farms and polytunnels we could add to the percentage of food grown in the UK.

Lincolnshire is the home of many varieties of bulbs. Before the pandemic a drive up the A17 passed field after field of daffs and tulips being grown for bulbs. Forget Holland and Dutch bulbs. I read with pleasure about the a March company investing in a factory in Nigeria – a much better way to help third world countries improve themselves than just chucking money around.

The British Government won the vaccine race because, unlike the EU, it agreed the asking price and provided investment to get the vaccine facilities up and running.

Perhaps the government (or venture capital) could develop alternative suppliers away from the EU and help third world countries to set up the right facilities to provide us with what we need by way of seasonal produce – a partnership with mutual benefits.

David Silver


The bread and butter that feeds the right

There are layers upon layers of dangerous lies behind Labour’s turn towards nationalism under Keir Starmer.

Even the people in focus groups used to justify Starmer’s strategy don’t mention patriotism or Britishness.

Instead, there’s a view that “Starmer needs to stop sitting on the fence”.

One ex-Labour voter from Grimsby thinks Labour “have left real people, taxpayers behind.”

And there’s a truth behind this. Working class people have been “left behind” – by all mainstream parties – for decades. But it’s nothing to do with nationality.

Industries have been closed, jobs slashed, wages driven down, services privatised, and housing made expensive and insecure.

So now it suits Labour to make that resentment a matter of patriotism and national identity.

It’s not surprising if some people buy into nationalistic ideas.

For years politicians and the media pumped out lies to scapegoat migrants and Muslims and justify wars, all dressed up in the language of nationalism.

It encourages people to believe they have something in common with those at the top – and sets them against others at the bottom.

Patriotism is the bread and butter that feeds the right.

John Smithee


Captain Tom will never be forgotten

Through weeping eyes and breaking hearts, we give our thanks to the last great hero.

When the world was gripped by the first wave of the pandemic and the fear it brought, one man showed us the way, and promised us that:

“We will get through it in the end but it might take time, but at the end of the day we shall be OK again... the sun will shine on you and the clouds will go away.”

The world joins the UK in mourning the loss of our greatest friend, and one that most of us never met, but felt that we knew him dearly, because he gave us the hope that didn’t seem possible during those dark days of the Summer of 2020.

From his battles in Burma, to his beautiful family that he brought up, from the unbelievable amount of millions he raised for the NHS, to receiving his honorary title of Colonel, and his knighting by the Queen on that stunning Summer day, the whole world watched, we all clapped and cheered his efforts, and cried at the emotion of his humbleness all the way through.

Captain Sir Tom Moore shone around the world like a beacon of light and hope.

It was almost as Sir Tom was given to us, he was placed among us, to give us the hope to fight when all hope seemed lost.

He was the angel placed on our shoulders and in our hearts to help find our way through the darkness.

But now, with the sad passing of not only a national treasure to us, but a global treasure for every person in every corner of the world, our hearts are broken, our tears flow as we remember such a giant amongst all people.

Captain Tom wouldn’t want us to cry for him, he would have simply said:

“The sun will shine again, the birds will sing and we’ll have a lovely day tomorrow.”

I just hope that wherever you are, Sir, that the birds are singing for you, and the sun is shining in you.

Thank you so much Tom, you will never be forgotten.

Ashley Smith


Rapid lateral tests are not the answer

After watching the BBC Look East programme, I’m sorry to say I do not agree with council leader Chris Boden’s optimism over trying to control the Covid outbreak in Wisbeck, with rapid latteral covid tests.

If I am not mistaken, these are the ones that have been exposed as giving a one in two false negative test.

Thus some people walk away unknowingly infected with Covid... that’s probably why the new pandemic is increasing in Wisbech and across Cambridgeshire.

If you test positive you are required to isolate and attend a proper test centre to double check.

I’m not one for using up usless Government tests and putting my life or others at risk.

Why do you think the education/schools sector refused to use them?

The Imperial College of London recently sent my wife one of these tests on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care as part of a ‘Covid 19 study’.

Needless to say I put the test straight in the bin and said I would rather contact my GP for advice instead.

Please note on their letter it states: “These tests are not 100% accurate.

Mark Burton


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