Light on the horizon for Chatteris Scouts

THE Chatteris Scout group may have been saved from closure.

The 2nd Chatteris Scouts made a desperate appeal in the Citizen last month after receiving the news they may be closed if membership numbers were not increased.

Leaders of the group have been “astounded” by the response to the article.

There have been a surge in recruits, with five new Cubs – double the number there were previously – a similar number of new Scouts and several enquiries about the Beavers.

A bag pack at the Chatteris Co-operative and a donation from a bingo have also raised over £800 for the group.

Press officer Matt Allen said: “We need to keep the numbers up and could do with more in the Beavers. We still require another Scout Leader as well.

“I would say that at the moment it looks more positive than it did and with word of mouth between the kids, we are hoping to get the numbers we need to survive.”

The group also received a letter from Mark Burton and Sarah Ashton, who live in Chatteris.

The couple have pledged to donate £400 in November, once confirmation has been received that the group will not close.

“We request parents to actively enrol their children and support the group by increased membership,” they said.

As a further boost to funds, 2nd Chatteris Scouts is holding a video games and DVD exchange day on Saturday, from 11.30am to 1.30pm at The King Edward Community Centre in Chatteris. People can swap their old video games and DVDs for new ones. Entry is £1.

The group’s AGM will be on Wednesday, July 20 at 7pm in the Scout Hall on Victoria Street, Chatteris. Anyone wishing to assist in any way or get information are welcome to attend.