Lights, cameras ... action at park

PEOPLE up to mischief in March’s West End Park should be warned ‘behave or be caught on camera’.

Work started on Monday on a £90,000 scheme to combat anti-social behaviour in the park and improve security with the installation of new CCTV cameras and lighting.

Councillor Kit Owen, who with fellow Ward Councillor Jan French, has spent eight years battling to improve park security is delighted their efforts are finally reaping rewards.

Speaking after the official launch Mr Owen said the scheme should make people feel more secure when using the park and should help stamp out anti-social behaviour.

He said more vulnerable members of the public often feel ‘unnerved’ when walking through the park because of groups of people sitting on benches and drinking.

“The people drinking are not necessarily doing anything wrong but they can make others feel unnerved and worried.

“Hopefully the better security will help make those people feel more secure,” said Mr Owen, who explained money for the scheme comes from Section 106 funding paid by developers to fund improvements to amenities.

Work is expected to take three weeks, with completion due on September 6.

The main works involve:

l Two new CCTV cameras located at the Skate Bowl and Marylebone Bridge.

l Installation of 20 new street lights, incorporating LED technology.

l The removal of existing, defective street lights between Brewin Chase and Marylebone Bridge.

l The installation of a new private service supply from Oxbow Crescent, leading to a new feeder pillar located near Marylebone Bridge.

l The trenching, ducting and cabling works required to connect the new lighting system.

“There will be street lighting along the walkways leading to the housing estate and there will be cameras covering both ends of the park which will also eliminate certain ‘blind spots’, which is good news in trying to stop anti-social behaviour,” added Mr Owen.

His comments were echoed by Councillor Peter Murphy, Fenland Council’s portfolio holder for the environment, who said: “This is very good news for March residents.

“The extra lighting and cameras that we are putting in will do a lot to make people using the park feel safer.”