Lincolnshire’s police commissioner proposes precept increase

Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner submitted his precept proposals to the County’s Police and Crime Panel yesterday (Tuesday).

For the majority of Lincolnshire residents, the proposed increase of 2% equates to six pence per week. Alan Hardwick said, “My proposal ensures I am able to deliver all of the commitments I have made in my Police and Crime Plan and most importantly means we can maintain 1100 police officers in Lincolnshire.”

Mr Hardwick’s previously announced Police and Crime Plan proposals are being formally considered along with the precept by the Police and Crime Panel when it meets on February 7 2013.

Key priorities in the plan include:

Police officer numbers will be maintained at 1100 with no further reductions.

The introduction of Volunteer Police Community Support Officers which alongside an expansion in the County’s Special Constabulary, could see a uniform officer in every Lincolnshire community. Additional opportunities to volunteer in non-uniform roles will also be made available.

In future, unless there are operational reasons not to, all police officers will wear their uniform when on duty and all police vehicles involved in front line policing will be clearly marked.

Police stations will not be closed where there is a demonstrable operational/community need.

At the launch of the Plan on 14 January 2013, the Commissioner said, “I can achieve all this against a background of continuing Government austerity because I have carried out a thorough and far reaching review of expenditure that has involved every aspect of the way in which we police the County. Savings have been identified that I am confident will enable the entirety of my Plan to be implemented effectively and also mean that I can set a budget and precept within Government parameters.”

“In the Plan, I have recognised that partnership working is vital. It is impossible to prevent crime and ensure the safety of our communities without us all working together. In addition to the commitments I have made in the Plan, in the coming weeks I will announce how I will fund community safety initiatives and projects that support victims.”

“I believe I have a Plan that will see crime reduce, deliver a fair deal for the people of Lincolnshire and provide police and services that are there when you need them.”

To arrange an interview with the Police and Crime Commissioner contact John Horton, Engagement and Communications Officer on 01522-947225 or