LONG SUTTON PARISH COUNCIL: War Memorial illumination plan for World War I centenary

TREE REVOLT: Parish councillors have signalled their readiness to put Long Sutton's traditional Christmas tree back beside the War Memorial in Market Place, instead of using a conifer tree (pictured) outside St Mary's Churchyard. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG291117-101TW.
  • Deal is sealed for new parish council home

A plan to light up Long Sutton War Memorial to mark the 100th anniversary of World War I ending in November 1918 is to go ahead.

Parish councillors are to look at buying four stainless steel ground lights made with toughened glass and install them around the War Memorial in Market Place to make it a spectacular focal point for the town centre on Armistice Day.

The lights could be put on some of the time, all of the time or on the odd occasions that we see fit

Coun Richard King, parish council vice-chairman

Coun Richard King, parish council vice-chairman, said: “The illuminations would be set in the ground, with a concrete area that people can walk to put flowers around the War Memorial.

“But because they would be sunk far enough into the ground, they would be safety 
compliant so that people can’t hurt themselves.

“The lights could be put on some of the time, all of the time or on the odd occasions that we see fit.”

It was also revealed that the bells of St Mary’s Church in Long Church will be ringing on Sunday, November 11, this year to mark the centenary of World War I ending.

• Long Sutton will have to wait before moves are made to launch a Community Speed Watch scheme in the area.

Parish council vice-chairman Coun Richard King, one of those keen to see a scheme launched, told members that a trial was taking place in six parts of Lincolnshire, with a review to be done before other areas are invited to sign up.

Coun King said: “When this trial has been assessed, and it’s proven that the scheme works, that’s when we should be jumping on board.”

• A bid of nearly £2,200 for South Holland District Council to carry out grass cutting across Long Sutton in 2018-19 has been accepted by parish councillors.

However, the option of considering other contractors in the future has been kept open after parish clerk Karen Treacher advised members that the district council’s quote was “a quite reasonable price for what it is”.

• Pigeon racers who meet in Long Sutton have asked for parish councillors’ help to find a place to keep their birds.

Long Sutton Pigeon Club meets at Cinder Ash Park every Friday when the birds are loaded onto lorries and driven to Scotland to fly back to their owners’ lofts.

But club members have asked to use part of the park where they can keep their pigeon lofts until the birds are taken to Scotland for racing at weekends.

Coun Richard King, parish council vice-chairman, said: “There has been a well-established group of pigeon

racers in Long Sutton for many years and they’ve always met up at different locations.

“It’s a social thing but they lost the use of their own facility and so they’re asking the council if there is any land where they can put their containers that store the pigeon lofts.

“When people come along to race their pigeons between March and October, they can leave their lofts with the birds inside at a suitable location once a week.”

Parish councillors are to ask the club for written details about their request so they can consider it further.

• An adult volunteer with Long Sutton Army Cadets has been welcomed onto the parish council as a new member.

Sally Anne Feary, a recruitment manager for a multi-national company, was unanimously co-opted on Thursday.

• The sale of Long Sutton’s former United Reformed Church to the parish council has gone through – but now the hard work starts.

Parish clerk Karen Treacher advised members that “mandatory things” need to be done before the building in London Road could be used for meetings.

They include the fitting of a fire escape, fire alarm, heating and furniture.

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