Lord, Knight and High Sheriff raise a record-breaking £20,000 after being arrested for charity

A group of Cambridgeshire community leaders, including a Lord, High Sheriff and a Knight of the Realm, have raised a record-breaking amount of money for a local children’s charity after they spent the day ‘behind bars’.

The group of 17 “criminals”, which included Lord John de Ramsey, High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire Penny Walkinshaw and Sir Keith Pearson, Chairman of Health Education England, collectively raised over £20,000 for Ormiston Children & Families Trust after taking part in its inaugural Jail and Bail event - the most amount of money the charity has ever raised from a single fundraising event.

After they were arrested for heinous crimes against society, which included GBH to a work computer and even being “too Welsh”, the motley crew were taken to court where they were prosecuted and told they would not be released until they had raised enough bail for Ormiston, which is one of the leading children’s charities in East Anglia.

The event was organised by Julie Spence, the former Chief Constable for Cambridge Constabulary and now an Ormiston Trustee. She said: “I cannot thank the participants enough for their support at yesterday’s Jail & Bail; their enthusiasm, sense of fun and sheer exuberance for the event and the charity made it an extraordinarily valuable day, not just because of the amount of money raised but because it helped to raise the profile of Ormiston too.

“Thanks to our ‘criminals’, there are now hundreds of people who know the name ‘Ormiston’ who didn’t know about us before and weren’t aware of the important and difficult work we do with some of the most challenged children and families not just in Cambridgeshire, but across the whole of East Anglia. They money raised will go towards supporting these young people and will help to ensure that Ormiston can continue to deliver its vital work across the region.”

In Cambridgeshire Ormiston supports children and families affected by imprisonment, runs two children’s centres in March and Chatteris, delivers a Travellers Health Advocacy Project and offers a range of parenting support programmes.

The Jail and Bail participants were:

Brian Ashton - Deputy Police Commissioner, Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Crime: Mercilessly scrutinising financial reports

Chris Banks - Partner, Banks Cannell LP

Crime: Assault with intent to cause harm to a personal computer

Nicholas Bewes - Managing Director, The Howard Group

Crime: Persistently disturbing the peace in the office

Lord John De Ramsey

Crime: For being both a Lord and a lunatic

Hugh Duberly - Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire

Crime: Displayed a cut-out of the queen at a recent garden party

Major Erik Duitkiewicz - Commander, USAF Alconbury/Molesworth/Upwood

Crime: Tax avoidance – as a US citizen, having established a household without paying taxes to Her Majesty

David Gill - Managing Director, St Johns Innovation Centre

Crime: Wilful use of Mac computers contrary to Section 7 of the Common Sense Act of 2010

Dr Andy Harter - Chief Executive Officer, Real VNC

Crime: Being a geek in a public place – a repeat offender

Andy Hebb - Chief Superintendent, Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Crime: Impersonating a police officer by wearing multiple socks to meet height requirement when first recruited

Rick Hylton - Area Manager, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service

Crime: Wearing his wife’s tights on the football pitch

Patrick McMahon - Senior Partner, Bidwells

Crime: For being too Welsh, and suggesting renaming Bidwells ‘Bidwelsh’

Chris Parkhouse - Managing Director & Chairman East of England IoD, Deyton Bell

Crime: Lurking around the river - wanted by the River Police

Sir Keith Pearson - Health Education England & British American Committee USAF Alconbury/Molesworth

Crime: None specified

Francesca Rust - Student Union President, Anglia Ruskin University

Crime: Changing the University name to ‘Franglia Rustin’ in my publicity, thus infringing copyright.

Richard Townley - Chair of Trustees, Ormiston Children & Families Trust

Crime: Persistently acting like lord of the manor

Dr Attila Vegh - Chief Executive, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Foundation Trust

Crime: Shameless self-promotion and over-exposure on the Trust’s website