Lorries are works of art

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LORRIES from a March haulage firm have been turned into travelling pieces of art as part of major project on ‘Longing and Absence’.

Drivers from Savage Haulage in Marwick Road agreed to take part in the project funded by the Arts Council England and Junction Arts which saw portraits of their families blown up and put on the side of their HGVs.

And on Saturday the images were unveiled at the haulage yard when the drivers, families and friends together with Mat Hand the artist behind the project saw the finished product for the first time.

Martyn Savage, who runs the firm, said four divers and their families had agreed to take part in the project and were really excited to see the images on their lorries on Saturday.

Mat Hand and photographer Manuel Reinartz spent many hours at the homes of each family taking the portraits.

Martyn said lorry drivers frequently stay away from home for several days which can be hard for their families, which is why the project was particularly relevant for them.

“I think there are a lot of our drivers who chose not to take part now wishing they had. Those who were involved were very excited by Saturday’s unveiling and were really proud to show off the pictures when they drove around the town,” said Martyn.

The drivers have been asked to make a record of any comments or responses they get as they drive around the country and will post them on the special website: www.takemewithyou.co.uk.

The project also included work with school children in Derbyshire, who wrote poems on the theme of ‘Longing and Absence’ and some of these poems have also been included on the lorries.