Lou’s splashing charity effort

lou mayer on her channel swim
lou mayer on her channel swim
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LOU Mayer from Outwell completed her English Channel swim as one of six in a relay team for the charity ASPIRE. After spending a year as a reserve to the teams in 2011, Lou got to take part on July 28.

She met the team at Dover in the early hours and climbed aboard the pilot boat. The first swimmer left at 4.42 am and Lou was fourth to swim.

Lou Mayer with beaupre pupils

Lou Mayer with beaupre pupils

“When I dived off the boat I was surprised at how blue the sea looked. Each member of the team swims for an hour at a time swimming as fast as they can guided by the pilot boat. For me getting in and swimming was easy, for one of our team members just sitting on the boat was a challenge as sea sickness hit straight away.

“Just before my second swim I was told if I swam well and hard we had a chance of getting to the Cap Griz-Net, the alternative would be the tide would sweep us past the Cap and we would have to continue swimming until the tide turned again to sweep us back to France.

“We finally landed at Cap Griz-Net at 4.02 pm - 11 hours and 20 minutes since we left Dover. What a day.”

As part of the swim, Lou has been able to raise over £1600 and pupils of Beaupre Community Primary school have helped making and selling biscuits and book marks.

“Thanks to all those who sponsored me, a special thank you to headteacher, Mrs Skelton and all the pupils.”

You can sponsor Lou at: http://www.justgiving.com/Lou-Mayer