Make Robert’s WWE dream come true

Robert Smith appealing for help with transport for him to go and watch wrestling
Robert Smith appealing for help with transport for him to go and watch wrestling

Keen wrestling fan Robert Smith is hoping a kind Citizen reader will step into the ring and help him achieve a life-long ambition to watch the sport live.

Twenty-four-year-old Robert, of Walsoken, suffers from Proteus Syndrome - which is the same condition as Joseph Merrick known as the ‘elephant man’ - and at over eight feet tall is bed-ridden.

His huge frame and other health issues including curvature of the spine, partial blindness and epilepsy, mean he is unable to get about easily.

His doting mum Rita is only able to push him for short distances in his wheelchair and is unable to drive. She has managed to obtain tickets for Robert’s favourite WWE wrestling in Nottingham in April but hasn’t been able to find suitable transport to enable him to go.

“We need a vehicle with a tail-lift so Robert can access the transport and it is impossible to find. He absolutely loves wrestling and watches it all the time on tele but would dearly love to go and watch it live.

“He never complains about anything, and never asks for anything, but I really know this would be a dream come true for him,” explained Rita.

“I hate resorting to asking the public for help, but I can’t think of any other way. When Robert was born he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and had to have a number of shunts fitted to drain the fluid from his brain. I was told he wouldn’t live for more than a few months, but he has survived way beyond the doctors’ expectations.

“I almost lost him a few months ago and to be honest, he could die at any time. The shunts in his head mean he is more prone to meningitis and he has had it twice already.

“I do everything I can for him, and he has carers who come in four times a day to help, but I can’t work miracles. He needs transport to get to the wrestling and so if anyone can help I would be forever grateful,” said Rita.

Robert himself explained: “I’m really excited about going to the wrestling. I can’t wait to see it, I’m especially looking forward to seeing John Cena. I have always loved wrestling since I was about 11 and watch it all the time on the tele, but it is not the same as being there and seeing it live and enjoying the atmosphere.”

If you can help get Robert to Nottingham on April 23 please contact the Citizen on: 01945-586135.