Man and woman killed at Terrington St John asked for the police to be called before deaths

Police and crime news
Police and crime news

The man and woman who were killed on the A47 at Terrington St John on Sunday asked for staff at a shop to “call police” shortly before their deaths.

Police are piecing together the final hours before the man was seen by witnesses to push the woman into the Lynn-bound carriageway at 2.15pm. They were both hit by a silver Kia at Mill Road Bridge between Walton Highway and Terrington St John.

The pair were seen by motorists walking barefoot along the A47 before stopping at Worzals Farm Shop.

Det Chief Insp Paul Durham is now appealing for the public’s help in solving the mystery surrounding the deaths of the Lithuanian man and woman, who were living locally and in their 20s.

DCI Durham, during an interview at Terrington St John Police Station earlier today (Tuesday, July 22), said: “I am more satisfied how they died than I am about the reason why. My belief is that there is a story behind this and that is what I am keen to get to the bottom of. I need to know what these young people were doing in the run-up to their deaths.

“I am concerned something fairly catastrophic had been catalyst for this chain of events.”

Earliest sighting of the pair was at the Elme Hall Roundabout at 12.30pm. Motorists had seen them walking barefoot on both sides of the road.

At 1.20pm, they stopped at Worzals Farm Shop and both asked for an assistant to “call police”. DCI Durham says they did not appear to be agitated or distressed but there was a communication difficulty.

He said: “There was some confusion with staff and they left before the police were called.

“At some point after that, between 45 minutes and an hour, they were struck by a vehicle on the A47.”

Since Sunday, the 25-strong police team have been speaking to witnesses, who saw the man push the woman into the road before she was hit by the Kia, which was driven by a local man. He is in a distressed state.

DCI Durnham said: “The main focus for me is to understand why these two young people met their deaths in tragic circumstances. We have suggestions that the male pushed the female onto the road but how he came to collide with the car is something of a mystery.

“Whether he has died as a result of direct action on his own part or whether he stumbled or she dragged him in. All I can say with a degree of certainty is that he pushed her into the carriageway.”

“I need want to focus on what they were doing prior to 12.30pm.”

The pair have not been formally identified and police are working to trace their next of kin.

A Home Office post mortem examination carried out yesterday concluded both had died as a result of injuries consistent with being struck by a vehicle.

The man is described as white, 6ft 1, of slim build with short dark hair. He was wearing blue denim knee-length designer jean shorts and a grey T-shirt. The woman is described as white, 5ft 7, of slim build, with long auburn coloured hair. She was wearing a bright pink vest top and black knee-length leggings.

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