Manea baby surprised parents with quick arrival in ambulance at Wyton airfield

Baby Beatrice was born in an ambulance, with her mum Theresa Usher. ANL-141121-135818009
Baby Beatrice was born in an ambulance, with her mum Theresa Usher. ANL-141121-135818009
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A Fenland couple have thanked the paramedics who helped to deliver their baby daughter in an ambulance parked at an air base.

Beatrice Usher surprised her parents, Nick and Theresa, with her early and quick arrival on Tuesday.

Mr and Mrs Usher, of Manea, were making their way to the maternity unit at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon, when they were forced to pull into a lay-by when contractions become stronger.

Luckily, they picked a lay-by at Wyton Airfield, which is the base of the Magpas Helimedix air ambulance.

A Helimedix crew supported the couple before the arrival of the East of England Ambulance.

But Beatrice, who was due on Monday, could not wait to get to the hospital and was born in less than two minutes in the ambulance.

Proud Mrs Usher said: “This was an unusual way to give birth and not part of my birthing plan – but these things happen!

“The emergency services were superb. The guys were great and really nice.”

At 5pm Mrs Usher began to suffer contractions every six minutes and called the labour ward, but was advised to hold off as staff thought the labour had not progressed far enough.

But they left home 45 minutes later as contractions became stronger. They called the labour ward and were talked through by a midwife.

Mrs Usher said: “We got to Pidley and I felt the need to push. The midwife told us to stop the car and dispatched an ambulance.

“We sat at a lay-by at Wyton with the hazard lights on and the midwife talking to us on the phone. Nick cleared the back of the car so I could be comfortable.”

They were there for a few minutes when Magpas crew, Dr Alex Cross, Paramedic Simon Standen and Dr Vijayasankar, arrived.

Mrs Usher said: “They were very helpful. Simon and Alex chatted with the midwife.”

Fortunately the ambulance arrived a short time later and paramedics were hoping to get Mrs Usher to hospital. Mr Usher was advised to drive the car to the hospital.

But moments after he left, Mrs Usher felt the need to push.

She said: “The paramedic shouted ‘We are not going anywhere as the head is there’.

“Nick had gone from having to do it all on his own to missing it!

“The ambulance is not geared up like a maternity ward. They had a basic pack with a little hat and a blanket which Beatrice was wrapped in. Then there was a knock on the door and Nick had arrived.

“It was a surprise how quickly it happened. Everyone said your second would be quicker but I did not expect it to be that quick.”

Beatrice arrived at 6.31pm, weighing 6lb and 10oz.

She is now settling into life at home and getting to know older sister Rose.

Mr Usher runs Usher’s Antiques while Mrs Usher is an engineer at the Perkins plant in Peterborough.