Manea residents call for better bus services

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Calls have been made by Manea residents for a bus service which links in with the village railway station.

Regular rail user Sally Hookway believes an integrated service would create an easy way for villagers to get to the station along with boosting passenger numbers.

She would like to see a bus stop introduced at the top of Wimblington Road. At the moment, only the 4.15pm bus from March to Manea links in with train times but passengers getting off at Manea are unable to use it because there is no bus stop.

Mrs Hookway said: “I got off the train the other day and saw the bus and I thought wouldn’t it be good if I could catch that into the village rather than having to walk the mile-and-a-quarter home.

“I’ve spoken to other people and they all say they would make better use of the railway station if it was easier to get there if you haven’t got a car.

“It is a long walk, especially for older people. It makes sense to have some of the buses linked to some of the trains.

“It would be good for the bus and train operators and it would be convenient for villagers. But the first step is to get an official bus stop at the top of Wimblington Road.

“There is a bus stop at Boots Bridge, which has been there historically without ever being looked at and it is never used. That stop could be replaced by one near the station which I’m sure would be used,” said Mrs Hookway.

MP Steve Barclay is supporting her and wants to see a bus shelter in the village.

He said: “We want to boost rail passenger numbers so we can push for an hourly train service at Manea. Making it easier for people to get to and from the station would help as it would enable people who can’t walk too far and don’t have a car to use the trains.”