March Family History Society

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AT the last meeting, Michael Duggan gave an illustrated talk on Re-enactment. He spoke about living the role rather than relying on books to draw a picture of history and how people lived. Anybody can re-enact, people from all walks of life cover all periods of history.

The English Civil War Society is the biggest re-enactment society in England. Recruitment is mainly through word of mouth. Many events are held in the grounds of stately homes and large fields where the participants wear authentic clothes.

At some enactments a banquet is put on as a display for the public. All the food is authentic for the period and cooked outside for the event. A range of skills, roles, trades and combat rules are displayed at the events. Michael went on to talk about uniforms, weapons, music and costumes.

During events some spectacular displays of combat take place; the canons and muskets are real, real gunpowder is used and the tools used are authentic.

Michael went concluded by talking about the English Civil War Society who hold an annual march in Whitehall each January, bearing arms in front of the Queen. He explained that a drum was used to signal where the fighting is taking place.

The next meeting of the Society is September 6 at March Library at 6pm the speaker will be Brian Jones on Births, Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths. All welcome.