March neighbourhood forum

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Residents of March are invited to air their views at a neighbourhood forum.

Members of the district policing teams will be available at the event on Monday (January 7) to answer questions and respond to any concerns.

The Fenland District Council Gym Support Vehicle will also be in Broad Street, March, on that date from noon until 6.30pm. Policing Team members will be on the vehicle together with representatives from Fenland District Council.

There will also be an opportunity for residents to speak to police and local councillors at March Town Council, Town Hall, The Market Place from 6.30pm to 7pm. There will be representatives from both district and county councils to discuss community issues appropriate to them.

Members of the public will be invited to complete a short questionnaire, the results of which will be used to identify community concerns and influence the multi-agency response. We are seeking to obtain a wide cross section of opinions from people so PCSOs will also be out in March town centre before this event to canvass as many views as possible.

PCSO Rachael Cheverton said: “This is an excellent opportunity for people to come and meet their local policing team in an informal way and to raise any issues or concerns they have about their neighbourhood which we can address with partner agencies if required.”