March says no to proposal to re-develop Estover Playing Field

The people of March have given a resounding no to a proposal to re-develop a playing field.

Cambridgeshire County Council leader Steve Count unveiled officers ideas of allow 99 homes along with new sports facilities to be constructed on the Estover Playing Field during a public meeting on Friday.

Mr Count says the council is taking the step due to a windfall policy which allows 249 homes to be built in that area along with getting best value for their asset.

But the 60 people at the meeting told Mr Count that they were not interested in the plans.

Mr Count says he will report back to officers but the decision will be made by the county’s general purposes committee. He added that he was acting on the night as a councillor and not as leader of the authority.

He said: “ “I have got to find something better, if it is within my gift. I am not in charge of that matter.

“There has got to be a better answer.”

Proposals outlined on Friday night included plans for 93 homes along with six self-build plots.

Two full sized football pitches, two tennis courts along with a multi- use games area and a pavilion or changing rooms were also part of the proposal. The plan also included an offer of £50,000 from the county council to make sure the sports facilities happened.

Mayor of March, Kit Owen said facilities on the playing field could be improved.

He said: “It is a suitable case for development but we don’t want to lose the facilities that are down there. Perhaps it could be used for a playing field or even a school.

“There has to be a better option to the current proposal, that is what people are saying.”