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March woman’s plea to return stolen doves to son’s Walsoken grave

The dove figurines which have been stolen from Leo Tyler's grave in Walsoken
The dove figurines which have been stolen from Leo Tyler's grave in Walsoken

A mother has put out a heartfelt appeal for the return of an ornament stolen from her son’s grave.

Cynthia Tyler was upset to find that someone had taken the figurine of two doves from her son Leo’s grave in Walsoken Cemetery.

Leo was just 20 when he died in a crash in Upwell during 1995.

Mrs Tyler, who lives in March, tends her son’s grave every fortnight and was saddened to find the figurine was missing during her visit last week.

She said: “How low can you be to steal from a grave? Please put them back as they were a special present from a mum to her son.

“I would like whoever it is to realise that their actions have consequences.

“One day they are going to lose someone and I hope something like this doesn’t happen to their grave.

“Looking after a grave is the last thing you can do for a loved one to show respect and love.”

Mrs Tyler had bought the figurine several years ago to decorate her son’s grave.

She said: “Leo was such a free spirit so I thought the dove figurine was quite suitable.

“He would always help everyone and was always there for his friends.

“Nothing else had been touched on the grave. I don’t know why someone would want to move something from a grave.

“It was heart-wrenching to find the figurine missing. It was special – I have not seen anything like it since.

“I just think that if it is a child or someone walking through the cemetery they should realise what they are doing.

“I want people to realise that taking something from a grave is upsetting.”

Leo had attended the former Queen’s School in Wisbech and had worked as a labourer on building sites.

Mrs Tyler was helped in searching for her figurine by another lady who also reported having a vase moved from her loved one’s grave.

The cemetery, which is in Church Road, is maintained by Fenland District Council. A spokesman said: “We urge anyone who sees this happening in any of our cemeteries to contact the police immediately.”

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