Market Place scheme takes shape

New bollards outside the 99p shop
New bollards outside the 99p shop
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WORK has started in earnest today (Monday) on the new traffic scheme for Wisbech Market Place.

Bollards are currently being installed outside the 99p store to narrow the road, there will also be removable bollards and a ticket machine will be in place by the end of today.

The new scheme will see some parking on the 99p side of the Market Place with the other side pedestrianised and blocked to traffic.

Vehicles will have access via Hill Street and High Street but will only be able to drive one-way round the Market Place and will have to exit via Church Terrace and Market Street. Motorists will not be able to drive around looking for a parking space. Parking will be time limited and enforced.

It is hoped the new scheme will finally put an end to the traffic chaos on the Market Place.

What do you think? Do you welcome the new scheme?