Market Place steps nearer to Town

FENLAND councillors are set to discuss the way in which Wisbech Market Place will be transferred to the town council.

Negotiations have been on-going since it was decided last summer to hand over the Market Place to the town council to administer and sort out.

Now the terms of transfer will be discussed by Fenland’s Cabinet meeting tomorrow.

Fenland’s leader Alan Melton said the report would be confidential as it involves legalities, but it would be a step closer to the Market Place becoming the sole responsibility of the Town Council.

It will mean that whatever is decided about the future of parking on the Market Place will be down to the Town Council.

Previously the Town Council has indicated it is in favour of allowing some parking on part of the Market Place, which will see traffic flowing one-way around it.

Mr Melton said the aim was to get the transfer completed as soon as possible and hopefully by the end of the summer at the latest.

He said the aim would be to hand it over, free of charge with the district council picking up the bill for legal costs, ‘lock, stock and barrel’ which would make the Town Council completely responsible for the area.

“And I’m sure the Town Council would want to receive it like that,” said Mr Melton, who added: “Basically we will be discussing the finer legal details tomorrow.

“There are no hiccups in so far of the transfer, but the legal work is taking time just like it does when you buy a house.”