Mayor bid for Fenland

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A MARCH businessman is launching a bid to get a directly elected Mayor of Fenland.

Matthew Broadfield, proprietor of Cambridgeshire Computers and organiser of the Fenland Festival, is collecting signatures, calling for a referendum.

If he manages to gather 3.300 signatures a referendum could be called to ask the public if they want an elected Mayor rather than a leader for the district council.

Mr Broadfield said: “I just don’t think a leader of the council with only 424 votes from the public is very democratic.

“If you have a Mayor of Fenland, that person will be for the voters.”

Mr Broadfield’s bid comes six years after a similar attempt by former Elm parish councillor Robert Pinnock.

Mr Pinnock collected more than 3,800 signatures in 2005, but failed to get a referendum after more than 500 of the votes were disqualified.

• Mr Broadfield’s petition can be signed in his shop on Broad Street, March.