Mayor joins the library

March Mayor Andrew Pugh
March Mayor Andrew Pugh

On September 4 I had the pleasure of being invited to attend a workshop held in the library at March which was aimed at introducing e-readers and tablet devices to the local public.

Community engagement and informal learning hosted the event which is part of the Cambridgeshire Libraries.

It was designed to help those members of the public who do not understand how technology works and how it has evolved in the past few years and to give the general public an opportunity to discover e-readers and tablets in an impartial setting.

They had access to the experts who talked though and demonstrated what they could be used for and how simple they were to use in every day life.

There were various companies involved and the store John Lewis had two members of staff involved in a come and see what’s available but more importantly in a “no-pressure to buy” situation.

The event was very interesting and while there I joined the Library which is something I have not been a member of since childhood.

Cambridgeshire Libraries now have free wi-fi in all libraries and have free e-book and e-audio download services as well as an app to run your library account so why not take yourself and family to the library for a visit and see what’s there for you.

Andrew Pugh

Mayor of March