Message to lunatic drivers in Chatteris

Letters from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
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This is by way of a plea to the select band of lunatics who use the roads in and around Chatteris – and they will know who they are.

Today, when driving south down Railway Lane by the side of the King Edward Community Centre, I was confronted by a maniac woman driving toward me on my side of the road, travelling far in excess of the speed limit. How she managed to gain so much speed when she was just yards off the junction with Station Street was quite beyond me.

So fast was she going that, with arms flailing in the air like a demented semaphore signaller, she fought to gain some semblance of control over her car. If the road had been wet, her grabbing at the wheel the way she did would only have resulted in her coming at me broadside on, with the inevitable result.

Had I not pulled over and stopped at the first sign of her approach, a collision would have been inevitable. My partner, sitting beside me, cried out in alarm, fully expecting a coming together of the two cars.

Meanwhile, our maniac friend simply careered on her way with no attempt to stop. Presumably, she waited until she got to work or wherever else she was going before she could clean her underwear!

Another spot, which has caused me to write to the Highways Department in County Hall in the past, is the bend in the High Street just beyond Blackhorse Lane, going south. Cars are often parked on both sides, narrowing the road to the width of about one-and-a-half family cars.

Certainly, there is no room for cars to pass each other at speed. Nonetheless, people drive at this danger spot with complete disregard for other road users. Their single-minded approach is to the effect ‘I’m coming through so get out of the way’.

When I wrote to County Hall, I enclosed a photo showing a lorry going through the gap, barely able to get past the cars on either side of the road. As I said to the Highways Department at the time, it is a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured at this bend in the road.

Perhaps this is what needs to happen before the police or Highways get off their collective bum and do something. Isn’t prevention far more preferable than cure?

The solution to this type of hazard is simple in my view – prohibit parking at any time on one or both sides of the road, dependent on the width available. In the case of Railway Lane, the railings of the King Edward Community Centre seriously limit the visibility around the bend in the road here.

This is a clear case where parking needs to be prohibited on both sides of the road; sorry Railway Lane residents! In any case, this bend needs to be approached with extreme caution and preparedness to halt or pull over as necessary.

One final thing to raise is my bête noire – tailgaters! I cannot drive through any road in and around Chatteris these days without someone a matter of a car’s length from my rear end. My partner thinks I have a huge magnet on the boot of my car that I am yet to discover; she might be right!

Why don’t you dunder-bonces simply back off and give your nerve ends a bit of respite. If the person in front of you is not going fast enough for your liking – tough!

Please, please, please learn to drive with some consideration for other road users and that way, all of us might live to a ripe old age. End of sermon for today!

Terry Schooling,



You helped to raise £23,400

A huge thank you to the people of March for helping us raise £23,412 for last year’s Poppy Appeal.

We are now gearing up to launch this year’s appeal on October 25 and new volunteers are always needed. If you can spare a couple of hours and would like to help, please contact the Poppy Appeal organiser on March 656034 or 07908 009378.

Tickets are on sale now at March Braza, March Royal British Legion Club and The Toy Box for The Poppy Dance at March Braza Club on Friday, October 17.

Tickets are £5 and include a ploughman’s supper.

A Service of Remembrance and Band Concert by The City of Ely Band is being held on October 31 at St Peter’s Church.

Tickets £5, available from Robert Goddard, R.B. Johnson and March Royal British Legion Club.

Kay and Alec Larham,

Poppy Appeal Organisers

March Royal British Legion.