Minister gives A47 pledge

MP Elizabeth Truss has pressed the Roads Minister about the need to upgrade the busy A47 bypass at Wisbech and improve its dangerous junction at Broadend Road, Walsoken.

The junction has been the scene of several fatal crashes over the years and campaigners and the parish council have been fighting a long battle for more improvements.

On Thursday in the House of Commons, the South West Norfolk MP told Minister Mike Penning: “The A47 is a vital strategic route from East to West but in many places it is still a single carriageway. Does the Minister agree with me that it needs to be upgraded to a national strategic route, which it was before the previous Government downgraded it?”

Mr Penning replied: “I am very aware of the significance of this particular road.

“It is something we will look at and will continue to look at as we develop plans for future road improvements.”

Elizabeth also spoke to the Minister afterwards when she raised concern about Broadend junction.

Speaking afterwards, she said: “I am really pleased by the positive response from the Minister. He has told me that the Department for Transport is seriously examining the possibilities for the A47.

“I appreciate that this is going to be a long term process, however I am delighted it is on the DfT’s radar and I will continue to press them on this issue. I am also concerned by the extremely poor layout of the Broadend Road junction.

“The Highways Agency need to look at this location again as it is causing considerable concern for residents.

“With the local parish council, I have seen how dangerous the crossing is and I made this point to the Minster.

“He has assured me that this will be reviewed when looking at the future options for the A47.”