Minnie needs your help

minnie the dog
minnie the dog
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LITTLE Minnie the Chihuahua-cross is feeling ‘wuff’ and needs Citizen readers to help her get better.

The tiny pooch (pictured right), who tips the scales at just over 2lbs, is currently at Paddon’s Vet Surgery in Wisbch undergoing tests and treatment for a mystery illness after being rushed by a local pet rescue.

Minnie was plucked from death-row by Wisbech-based Ravenswood Pet Rescue at dog kennels in Huddersfield where she had been taken after being dumped.

However, within weeks of being placed with a foster family she was taken ill and needed emergency veterinary care.

Claire Palmer, Foster Home Co-ordinator for Ravenswood, explained: “she is very poorly and has had to be hospitalised and put on a drip.

“Unfortunately we are a charity and we just don’t have the funds to cover the vet bills which are mounting up. We need people to help cover the costs and make sure Minnie gets better.”

She said a possible diagnosis is Aldersons Disease, which will mean on-going treatment. However, Claire said it would not be too expensive for any prospective new owners if and when Minnie is re-homed.

“Treatment for Alderson’s Disease is relatively straight forward and not too expensive, but the tests to get a proper diagnosis and her current treatment is proving costly and we just don’t have the funds to cover such a big bill,” added Claire.

Anyone who would like to help pay for Minnie’s treatment can contact Paddon’s directly on 01945-583204 and ask to make a donation to the Ravenswood Emergency Account.