Moves to have exams remarked

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SECONDARY schools across Fenland are gearing up to challenge results in English GCSE exams announced last month.

All the local schools are reporting a drop in expected grades although Marshland High School was less affected than the others because the majority of their students sat the exams in January before it was decided to introduce higher boundaries for the June marking.

However, headteacher at the West Walton School Liz Dorner said a handful of her students were looking for remarking.

Jason Wing Principal at March Neale-Wade Community College said around 20 16-year-olds had suffered a drop in their expected grade attaining Ds rather than the predicted Cs, which he said was a devastating blow for the pupils concerned.

Students at the March school took English under the Welsh exams board - which was the one most affected by a change in the marking levels.

At Chatteris Cromwell Community College vice-principal Chris Terry saw a 10 per cent drop in the expected grades and again students were looking for a remark.

Once again students sat the Welsh board’s English exam. He said it was extremely unfair that the Welsh education minister had ordered a remark for students in Wales using the January marking levels, but OFQUAL had refused to allow that to happen in England.

It was a similar story at Thomas Clarkson Academy in Wisbech where staff were looking at the boundaries before asking for students’ papers to be remarked.

Schools across the country hit out at the government inspired harsher marking in GCSEs this summer with many students facing resits this autumn.