MP’s delight at homes refusal

Steve Barclay
Steve Barclay
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Following the launch of a residents’ petition last month (see link to petition: Fenland MP Steven Barclay says he is ‘delighted’ to report that Fenland District Council has refused an application to build 249 new properties at the Showfield site on land North of Whittlesey.

In his online blog, Mr Barclay says: “This excellent result comes after over 300 residents attended a public meeting organised by Whittlesey Town Council in October to have their say on proposals which would have seen nearly 250 houses plus access roads and associated infrastructure built on the Showfield site.

“Having received representations from a number of constituents, I decided to launch a petition outlining key objections such as increased risk of flooding, traffic congestion on the B1040 and added pressure on public services in the area. The potential impact on biodiversity and wider damage to the landscape were also taken into consideration during the planning decision process.

“The Environment Agency suggests that development on the site would have extended the risk of flooding to surrounding properties in the Bassenhally and Delph wards where 1,100 are already at potential risk.

“It is important that growth in our towns and villages does not come at the expense of those already living in surrounding communities, and I am very glad that Fenland District Council has recognized the wishes of the people who came together to speak out against the plans.

“This decision is the latest in a series of positive planning outcomes for local communities in 2013. From the FenRATs successful campaign against plans for a Windfarm development at Treading Bank to the decision to block a proposed traveller’s site on unsuitable land in Wimblington, campaigns and petitions have provided an effective vehicle to get the message across to decision makers in Councils and Local Authorities.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those who contributed to the planning process by attending the initial meeting to spell out residents’ objections to those that have taken the time to sign the petition.

“I look forward to posting further updates on the decision in the New Year.”