Mummers go back in time

March Mummers
March Mummers
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March Mummers met the creator of their play when they performed at Georges, The Acre and The Ship in the town centre.

Mike Herring from Peterborough came to watch the performances of the short play, which he compiled from local sources in 1968. He enjoyed it so much that he wants to organise a reunion of the original performers next year.

The six performers - Marcus Phillips (as King George), Rodney Crabb (Beelzebub), Stuart Broad (The Doctor), Malcolm Busby (The Fool), Mike Thomas (Jack) and Steve Cornell (Dame Jane) - were accompanied by musicians, Keith and Karen Cheale and Alan Robert.

As well as having a great time, they raised £100 for the local branch of Mencap. The money will be used to support adults with learning disabilities.

The March Mummers were formed last year with the aim of recreating the past, having some fun and raising money for charity.

Mummers’ plays were once a common feature in rural areas at Christmas time. The performers, who were often plough boys, entertained audiences in pubs and big houses, as a way of gaining food, money or drink for the festive season.