Murdered pensioner was “a charming lady”

A former school friend of murdered pensioner Una Crown has said how lovely she was both at school and later when she ran Elm Post Office with her husband Ron.

Madge Cotterell, wife of long-standing councillor Mac Cotterell, was in the year below Una when they were both at the former Wisbech High School.

Madge said she was shocked and saddened when she heard about the murder of Una, whose maiden name was White.

Madge said the couple ran the post office which at the time, was on the side of Bridge House.

“She was a really charming lady both at school and when she was in the post office. You couldn’t help liking Una. She was friendly, easy going and someone you automatically liked.”

Madge knew the couple when they ran the post office and said Ron was a “typically affable, friendly post master. They were just a lovely couple, a devoted couple. They were two sides of the same coin, they complemented each other.”

Madge said she hadn’t kept in touch with Una and didn’t know she was living in Magazine Lane.