Music apps

Wisbech musician, Matt McChlery has now got his own mobile smartphone app thanks to

the computing power of (a website designed to help musicians

promote their music).
 The app includes a selection of Matt’s songs but also brings his youtube videos, twitter feed, blog feed, photos, biography and all upcoming events into your phone.

The app is for Android smartphones and is available as a free download. However, the app is

not available from conventional app stores but can be downloaded directly from Matt McChlery’s profile or by scanning a code with your phone from Matt’s blog on

Matt McChlery has been writing and recording songs since the 90s, some of which have received radio airplay on numerous radio stations in the UK as well as abroad. Many of Matt’s songs are also sung in churches around the world as he writes modern worship songs for congregational use. In 2010 Matt was a semi-finalist in the Rock/Indie category of the UK Songwriting Competition with his song ‘All Around’, which you can hear on the app. Matt currently lives in Wisbech and is the musical director at The King’s Church, Wisbech. He also teaches at a local primary school. Matt is also the UK Ambassador for the international ministry ‘Worship Academy’.