My evening with Colin Fry

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COLIN Fry, who calls himself the ‘people’s medium’ appeared on stage at King’s Lynn Corn Exchange on Wednesday in front of a full house, writes Sue Irving.

There was elbow room only during the two-hour hushed show which was part of Colin’s international tour.

After a brief introduction, Colin told the audience about his career of over 33 years, some of his personal experiences and what the audience could expect from the evening.

I probably class myself was one of those in the audience who is curious about medium, spiritualist and psychic claims. I don’t know if I believe it fully but I don’t disbelieve either. I consider myself quite open to it.

Last year, myself and my husband went to an evening with mediun Tony Stockwell at the Corn Exchange and came away fascinated, wishing we had received some kind of message.

We vowed to go again if anything similar came up so when we were offered the chance to be part of the audience with Colin Fry, we jumped at the chance.

I first discovered Colin Fry through my two daughters through the televison.

I was subjected to “Most Haunted” and Derek Acorah on many occasions and gradually got introduced to Sixth Sense with Colin Fry and audiences with Sally Morgan so I felt I knew what to expect on Wednesday.

Both my husband and I followed Colin’s advice to sit with our arms uncrossed as it wasn’t a positive vibe to give off, we were also hopeful of a loved one coming through as all the signs were right - it was my husband’s birthday, his mum and brother are both dead as is a close friend of ours, and we felt sure one of them would want to come through.

But it wasn’t to be for us. I have to say my heart did start to pound a little when Colin said he was getting a connection with a Sue or Susan.

I listened intently to see if any of the messages sounded like anyone I knew but disappointly, they didn’t.

Several people responded during the night to the messages he claimed to receive and Colin spent a long while with each person going through a lot of detail.

I heard one woman talking during the interval after she had been singled out and she said the details were spot on.

The audience comprised mainly of women, there were some men and some younger members.

I am sure many had gone along in the hope they might receive some words of comfort from a departed loved one and it seems some people did get that.

But in a two-hour show only a handful of people will come away with any crumbs of comfort. I was left feeling I would have liked to have been one of those who was singled out. I would have liked to see if the details were spot on for me.

Colin certainly draws the audience with his manner, charm and humour and I’m sure his tour will be a sell-out.