Mystery tool is identified

Mystery object that has been brought into the citizen office
Mystery object that has been brought into the citizen office
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Citizen reader Derrick Dixon thinks he has the answer to a mystery set in last week’s edition of the area’s favourite local paper - what is the object?

Reader Gary Coulson found the object (pictured) when he was clearing out his late father-in-law Jack Bird’s shed.

Mr Bird was in the building trade had the object in his toolbox but Gary had no idea what it was and has tried without success to discover its use. He even took the object, which was made by Preston Tools Birmingham manufacturer which was in business between 1825 and 1932, to 10 different museums - without luck.

However, Derrick, who lives in Chatteris, believes he has the answer after spotting last week’s appeal to help identify the object.

He thinks its a saw set - a tool used to line-up the teeth on a wood saw.

Derrick, who worked in the building trade, said: “I first encountered one of these when I was about 12 years old and doing wood work at East Ham Technical College. Our teacher showed it to the class and no-one knew what it was until he told us.”

In fact we had numerous calls about the mystery object and March man Charles Gallagher went one further than Derrick. The ninety-year-old former carpenter had a Preston’s catalogue dated 1901 and found the saw set featured in it.

The catalogue appeared to be aimed at the wholesale market and you could purchase a dozen saw sets, described as Preston’s Patent Punch Saw Set bronzed iron, for 51 shillings and six pence.

Chatteris reader Mark Burton also identified it as a saw set.