Neighbour wishes EuroMillions winners all the best

THE neighbour of EuroMillions lottery winners Angela and Dave Dawes has described them as “nice, quiet people”.

Geoffrey Wright has lived next door to Dave for more than a decade and regularly took care of the flat for the couple when they went away.

He also used to work with Dave before the 47-year-old winner left to work at Premier Foods as a shift supervisor on the night shift.

Mr Wright described a “Chelsea wall” in the one-bedroom flat where ardent fan Dave had a display of pictures and said he could well believe that they were looking for a house near the famous football ground.

He was stunned yesterday (Tuesday) when he answered a knock at his front door and was faced with news cameras. He had no idea his neighbours had just won one of the biggest Lottery wins in the country.

“When the woman reporter started telling me, I thought they’d won about £100,000. Then she said it was £101 million,” Mr Wright said.

“I’m really pleased for them. I don’t think it will have sunk in yet. I watched the news last night and Dave looked quite shellshocked. He’s quite a quiet person so I don’t think he would have been very comfortable with all the cameras.”

The Dawes have said they will be giving some of their massive win to charity and Mr Wright believes they will be true to their word.

They have also said they will be making between 15 and 20 of their friends and family millionaires. Mr Wright has not received anything but said he is not expecting to. He said he just wishes them lots of luck for the future and will be putting a Congratulations card through the door.

Former taxi driver Angela worked for Wisbech-based Fenland Taxis for about two years.

The firm’s boss, Andrew Martin, said: “She was a nice lady. She spoke her mind and got on well with everybody. She left the business a few years ago and took up a voluntary post.”

He wished her good luck, saying: “It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.”