New course for motorcyclists

New motorcycle course on offer at Isle Campus
New motorcycle course on offer at Isle Campus

A new course for people interested in motorcycles could be established at the Isle campus of the College of West Anglia.

The intention is to create a maintenance and repair course which people interested in maintaining and repair their own motorcycles or to do this as a profession could join as apprentices or as full-time students.An open evening will be held on Thursday, March 27, from 5 to 8pm to give people the chance to state their interest in joining the course, which would begin in September, or find out more about what the course would offer.

The idea has come from Chris Middleton, a motorsports lecturer at the campus, who is also keen on motorcycles.

He said the potential for running a course at Wisbech stems from the fact that at present the nearest equivalent ones are held in Cambridge and Lincolnshire.

“There is also a lot of interest from people here and in the area,” said Chris.There are a great many motorcyclists in the area, as can be seen from those visiting Hunstanton on a Sunday afternoon, as well as motorcycle clubs.