New foodbank for March is being set up

Following on the heels of foodbanks being set up in Wisbech and Chatteris, Churches Together in March have recognised a need for a similar organisation.

Food has already started to be donated for the new foodbank but the group is desperately seeking a permanent storage facility as there is only limited spaces at the churches.

They would like a double-garage size unit in the March area with easy access. It must also be in secure surroundings and available on a long-term basis.

A meeting is being held tomorrow (Thursday) at March Town Hall to give people more information about the foodbank process and to gain support for when it opens.

Churches Together is getting support from Ely Foodbank, which comes under the umbrella organisation of the Trussell Trust, a recognised name in the world of foodbanks. The organisation, which also helped the Wisbech and Chatteris groups, offers new foodbanks vital support and material to get up and running with a tried-and-tested formula.

People who need to use the foodbank must be referred by an organisation that has signed up to the scheme. They then receive a voucher that entitles them to three food parcels, each of which provides three balanced meals for three days.

The food parcels are made up by volunteers and then given out to voucher holders from the arranged distribution centre. Food is weighed in when it is donated and weighed out when it is distributed, ensuring accurate records.

All the food in the parcels is non-perishable – items such as pasta, cereal, tinned fruit, tinned meat and powdered milk. Each parcel is tailored for the particular individual and family who receives it.

• The meeting is being held on Thursday, July 18, at 7.30pm at March Town Hall.