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New life? New boundaries please

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

If Stephen Barclay MP wants to breathe new life into Wisbech (Citizen, June 17) I feel the boundaries will have to change.

Surely Walsoken should be with Wisbech, rather than in the Borough of King’s Lynn?

When I played rugger for Wisbech the playing field was in Walsoken; when I played hockey for Wisbech the pitch was in Walsoken.

The Wisbech Town Football Club was in Walsoken. I live in Walsoken. My doctor’s surgery is in Wisbech.

I am told that when I die I cannot be buried in Walosken, it must be in Wisbech. I’ve lived here 50 years!

What is happening to all that Council Tax paid by the people of Walsoken to King’s Lynn Borough Council? That will be lost forever to the people of Walsoken – let us keep it in Wisbech.

My King’s Lynn Borough Councillor has been appointed to the King’s Lynn Internal Drainage Board in a reshuffle. The result is the drainage board is no longer a democratic organisation controlled by elected members.

King’s Lynn Borough Council now has a majority of members on the board made up of ‘appointed’ members. My borough councillor has been installed as vice-chairman of the board and one of the first things the new board has done is to do away with Walsoken representation.

So now I pay rates to a board with no representation to represent me and, to add insult to injury, they have stopped draining my land.

One of the pillars of British justice is said to be ‘no taxation without representation’.

Mr Barclay’s ambitions for the town of Wisbech highlight the maritime potential and the desire to dual the A47 from Guyhirn Bridge to the town.

On one trench along the A47 on this section there seems few obstacles between the road and the river preventing a new carriageway being built using river transport.

Barges could bring stone right to the site and it would have the dual effect of reinforcing the barrier between the river and square miles of fertile farmland.

G. Doubleday,


Will other towns pay?

I am so pleased Wisbech is getting a much-needed facelift and modernisation into the 21st century – after all, the “sky is the limit for Wisbech”.

Can I just ask that all the other towns and villages don’t have to fund it and go without themselves.

Oh! Can anyone tell me why council tax is going up again please – what do we need to fund now?

I appreciate Mr David Rudlin’s comments about the Wisbech, March and Cambridge railway. It was only the other year or so Mr Barclay announced in the newspaper that the government had found the funding for the railway and it was now a real prospect.

So much so Mr Barclay “promised“ the funding was available. Unfortunately the words “available “ and “designated funds” are two different things.

Designated means “reserved” and it will not be spent on anything – kept whatsoever, under any circumstances.

Hopefully David Rudlin and Mr Hughes can confirm Stephen Barclay secured the funding as promised and had it “designated”.

I’m sure Mr Hughes’s comment “things that will hold up the project, will be unlocking the capital and revenue funding” is not an admission the funds have not been “designated” and at this moment there is no guarantee the railway could ever materialise.

On the other hand I will commend Mr Barclay on his devotion of time, resources and responsibility towards local issues – credit where credit is due.

Mark Burton,


alert for posties

It’s nipping season

As schools near their summer break postal workers are bracing themselves for a peak nipping season – dog attacks typically rise by over a quarter during the holiday period.

The Communication Workers Union and Royal Mail have enlisted veteran TV presenter and dog lover Paul O’Grady to front their Dog Awareness Campaign to raise awareness of the problem.

Changes to the Dangerous Dog Act in May 2014 now ensure posties have legal protection. The legislation also allows for tougher penalties.

But the CWU is still calling on owners to keep dogs away from the door, fit metal cages behind letter boxes, or install secure external boxes by the gateposts.

With eight postal workers being bitten every day, please give a thought for the safety of our hard-working posties.

John Smithee,

Member, Unite the Union,


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